Hello!  My name is Yuki Sugashima.  I live and craft in Saitama, Japan. Though Japanese by birth, I moved to the U.S. at age 7 and spent the following 20 years there. When I finally returned to Japan, I found that I’ve become a foreigner in my own country.  Since then, I’ve been re-discovering Japan and now feel quite at home.

I spent my student days studying art history and fashion design and have worked as an archives assistant, a floral designer and at an online yarn shop. But I’m really a craftsman at heart– so I’m now focused on offering my original handmades here.

Just as my interests are diverse, so are the things you’ll find me creating here on my blog.  Embroidery, beadwork, knitting, spinning, natural dyeing, sewing– I like handicrafts of all sorts.  And so, I begin each morning with a simple question:

“What shall I make today?”

When I’m taking time out from crafting, I enjoy reading, learning to play the ukulele, and touring on my Yamaha YB125SP.



20年間の滞在後、日本に帰国。しかし「帰ってきた」とは言っても、普通の日本人とはいまいちなじめず、だからと言ってアメリカ人にもなりきれず. . .でもそれもそれなりにいいとこあり!ユニークで新鮮な視点で毎日を楽しんでいます。




著書:「 The Hand Stitched Flower Garden 」
詳しくはこちらで 。

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