From Summer

road to sasagamine

sasagamine dam

daibou pass observatory

lake aoki

view from ogawa-mura

daikagura observatory

mount asama from nidoage pass

with summer vacation at an end and school back in session, it’s finally become quiet around the house again, much to my relief.  little by little, i’m falling back into the daily routine and am currently in the process of picking up where i left off, making-wise.

but first, an update here…

*     *     *

unlike the rainy summer we had last year, this august had plenty of sunny days to go riding to places both familiar and new.  tokagushi, lake nojiri, sasagmine dam i visited again this year, and too, mount madarao and kurohime-kogen.  daibou pass observatory was another familiar spot– but whereas last time, the clouds obscured much of the view, this time, i was able to see the entire vista from the northern japanese alps creating a wall to the right and kinasa valley spreading out into the distance below.  beautiful lake aoki and quaint ogawa-mura, as well as the road from hikarigahara plateau to daikagura observatory all had grand views and fun, winding roads, adding to my ever-growing ‘must visit again’ list.

but the sight that impressed me the most this time around was the view of mount asama from nidoage pass in gunma prefecture.  as soon as i came around the curve, there it was, filling my entire vision, quiet but imposing.  the photo hardly does it justice.

freeways may be convenient, but the sense of adventure, chance of discoveries, and the freedom to stop wherever or change the route on a whim, all make local roads so much more.  that, and the slower pace suits me to a t.



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  1. Love the pictures you take!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow on said:

    Gorgeous photos. All of this is well worth traveling the back roads. Good to see that you are out and about enjoying the summer. I hope it has cooled down to a comfortable temperature for you.

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