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when things happen, they always seem to happen at once…

just when i thought things were back to usual, the sewing machine that i had been using since college decided to up and retire.  there had been minor issues that had arisen over time, but they must have added up until it could no longer sew properly.

repair? or new?  i debated a good long while, but considering that it’s twenty years old– purchased abroad (i.e. hard to get replacement parts)– and may have further problems in the future, i decided it was a good opportunity to purchase a new computerized sewing machine.

since my previous machine was a basic electronic one, pushing a button to start and stop the stitching on this new machine feels totally unnatural (thank goodness i got a foot pedal too!); but, being able to raise and lower the needle with the push of a button is really convenient.  the large sewing bed is a nice feature too, as it’s big enough that i won’t be needing a separate table.  since this one is a very basic model, it doesn’t have automatic tension adjustment or memory, automatic thread cutter or all that many stitches, but it’s plenty good for me.





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2 thoughts on “New Partner

  1. It sounds pretty fancy to me. I am sure that after 20 years you deserve a new fancy machine like this. It will take some getting used to. Soon you will be telling us that you don’t know how you ever got along without it.

  2. Erica C on said:

    That’s fantastic for you! I’m sure it will make life easier for you. Enjoy it

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