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teach me how to knit.

what started as an impromptu knitting lesson for my ten-year-old is turning out to be a long-term project for two.  the goal– a garter stitch blanket made from these color block strips sewn together.  since we’re working with leftover yarns from my past projects, it’ll be like a blanket of memories, with the added benefit of much-needed stash busting.

it’s been a long while since i knitted…  the last time was when i was making wristwarmers for my shops.  precision and quality were the order of the day then, and making sure the two in the pair were identical as possible got to be really stressful.  this project is the antithesis– no pattern, no swatching, no matching needle size to yarn, no worries about uneven stitches or tension and of course, no deadlines.  we’re keeping it casual.

with the pressure gone, the joy of knitting is slowly creeping back.





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2 thoughts on “K2tog

  1. I think I was 19 the last time I tried to knit. I could never make anything that matched or didn’t have errors. Have fun.

  2. Erica C on said:

    I am the same…useless at knitting but full od admiration for beautiful pieces!

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