warmth 1 warmth 2

my first touring of the year– how i’ve missed it!  though it was just a short local trip along a familiar route, the time in between since i came this way last made it seem fresh all over again.

while it was relatively warm in town, it was still very much winter in the mountain pass– snow and ice still remained in the shady areas on and by the road so i couldn’t make it to the very top.  still, despite the cold that slowly seeped in, being in the mountains had a soothing effect… always a great place to visit, tokigawa.

after becoming frozen to the core, i stopped at my favorite coffee shop for some sun and a hot cup of coffee.  the landscape, which at first glance seemed all a shade of dried grass, upon closer look were starting to show spots of color– white & pink of early plum blossoms, blue of spring speedwell, purple of henbit and yellow of canola flowers.

’tis almost spring.




coffee with a message

“wonder if we’ll be able to see fireflies again this year?”

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2 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. I can just see you taking advantage of a beautiful winter day for a ride on your motorcycle. Around here everyone that has a motorcycle was out this weekend. We are having above normal warmth perfect to be out doing whatever you want to do.

  2. Beautiful scenery! Sounds like a perfect day.

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