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kästner noveltrain rides, for me, have come to mean valuable uninterrupted reading time.  something about the rhythmic sound of wheels over tracks, murmur of quiet conversations, the flurry of people getting on and off heightens my focus and concentration.  on an errand last week, what came along with me was erich kästner’s das fliegende kassenzimmer.

it’s another coming-of-age tale– a group of five boys– classmates and good friends, each facing their own dreams and fears over one christmas season.  rowdy and funny, but at times strikingly touching, this world of boys was an endearing story that’s bound to strike resonance with children and arouse sympathy with adults– a gem to be enjoyed regardless of one’s age.

the downside of becoming absorbed in reading while in public however, is that my feelings appear directly on my face as i read.  wide smiles, furrowed brows.  suppressed tears and ditto, laughter.  it’s as if the mood of the story is reflected in my expression at any given point.  i wouldn’t be surprised if those around me were raising eyebrows and scooting a little ways away…





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  1. Hahaha, I can imagine all of the faces you make while reading. I think everyone does this. I know I do. My husband often asks what is going on.

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