on persimmon zimnik 1 zimnik 2

from “the crane”  by reiner zimnik

coincidentally, my current embroidery in progress is on persimmon linen– or so this color was named at the fabric shop.  this design is intended to have an autumn feel, though whether it will be done before the season is out, it’s too soon to tell…

for this flower, i stitched the base layer of the petals with the intent of creating padded satin stitch.  but once i covered one, it just didn’t seem… right.  the petal became too smooth, too quiet.  there was instead, something more appealing about what usually serves as the under-layer.  the linearity of the stitches had movement, life.

it could be that reiner zimnik’s illustrations are influencing my vision, as i read several of the his books recently and have come to love his sketch-like style.  the german author’s illustrations are simple and minimalistic but despite that, lively and energetic and full of character.  could a similar quality be translated into embroidery, i wonder?

up until now, i really liked the smooth, perfectly aligned stitches of satin stitch forms, but perhaps it’s time to venture into new territory.  maybe what these petals need then, are not stitches that cover, but to be allowed to stand as is.





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2 thoughts on “Linear

  1. They are very nice as they are.

  2. The solid satin stitch doesn’t seem as lively as the other stitches on the petals of this flower. I can see how you like the other stitches. The color of this fabric is yummy. A good color for any time of year to me. These are some busy sketches too. A lot of movement.

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