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with all the wet, rainy weather we had this autumn, i haven’t been able to make my usual stock of dried veggies for the upcoming winter.  no dried daikon; just a handful of dried shiitake mushrooms.  it just wasn’t going to happen this year.

…or so i thought, until we started having a streak of sunny days and got a bunch of persimmons from a friend, which i took to be a sign to try making dried persimmons for the first time.  just six this time, for a trial run.

i peeled the fruit, sterilized them with a dip in boiling water, tied them together and hung them out to dry.  with day after day of sun and even a dry weather advisory in place, the conditions were really ideal.  a week after i started drying them (which was a couple of days ago), i massaged the fruit to soften the flesh so it now looks like the second photo above.

but luck didn’t hold– it started raining last night and continued all day today.  while it needs to remain outside to be exposed to the cold air, rain on the flesh of the fruit is a cause for mold to grow, so it’s been an anxious day…

depending on the weather and on that year’s crop, persimmons can take two weeks to a month to finish drying.  hopefully, these will hold out till then!





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  1. We have persimmons here too. I never think to use them. A friend of mine makes persimmon jam. We have had very dry weather here all autumn. I would trade you weather. :)

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