Journey IV

togakushi 1

path to okusha shrine

togakushi 2

kagami ike  (kagami pond)

togakushi 3

guardian at hokosha shrine

lake resenji 1

lake reisenji

lake resenji 2at dock

a bit more about summer.

i rode around togakushi like it was my own backyard.  this area has a lot of breathtaking scenery– like kagami ike, for one.  the craggy, dramatic mountain overlooking the serene pond looked like it could be someplace from the lord of the rings.  on clear, quiet mornings, the reflection of togakushi is supposed to be especially beautiful– but that visit, will have to come next time.

nearby lake reisenji is also beautiful, but in a tranquil sort of way.  just gazing at the panoramic view brings a sense of peace and comfort, a feeling that everything is as it should be, if only for a moment.

compared to the majestic landscapes of other countries, japan’s scenery appears rather small and modest.  but what it lacks in size, it seems to make up with a sense of intimacy– a quality that i’ve come to really love about the nature here.




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  1. It appears quite beautiful and serene to me. I would love to be able to just sit there among those beautiful trees or beside the pond and absorb some of the lovely air.

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