That Camisole

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in between all that touring, i did manage to complete that hand-sewn camisole.

since the embroidered fabric i chose was lightweight, i underlined it with a layer of cotton muslin so it wouldn’t be see-through and to give it better structure as i wanted to wear it on its own.  i made the bias tape with the same cotton muslin for the straps and neckline and finished the bottom edge with it also instead of a double fold hem as in the original instructions, to avoid the bulk.

the whole thing turned out to be quite nice… until i tried it on.  one glance in the mirror confirmed how it felt– the camisole was way to wide.

maybe the pattern was designed with a non-stretchy fabric in mind and therefore, required more ease?  or maybe the pattern was yet another of those loose-fitting ‘natural’ style designs that dominate the japanese sewing books?   thinking perhaps that it was meant to be layered, i tried it on over a tank top, but that didn’t help one bit.  whatever the case, the body was just too wide, resulting in excess fabric that droops at the underarm.  since i prefer clothes that hug the body more, i couldn’t see myself wearing this much, if at all.

that said, i don’t want this all to go to waste.  in thinking over what i could do to improve it without taking it all apart, i came up with three solutions to cinch the fabric at the back.
1) a band and button ‘belt’ often seen on vests
2) gathering fabric and sewing elastic on the inside
3) adding ties
the first solution seems too structured for a soft, feminine camisole, so i think the second and third options would work better.  still considering alternatives though… suggestions are welcome!

this issue of fit and shape is the reason why i haven’t been enticed to make more clothing when i look through japanese sewing pattern books.  too often, the emphasis is on quick & simple which means baggy with minimal shaping to hide any and all presumed body flaws.  are there any good places where i can find fitted styles for smaller figures…?







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One thought on “That Camisole

  1. I don’t sew anymore but when I did I found that all patterns ran larger than the size indicated. I always had to adjust the pattern. I am much larger than you which makes me think that Patterns just run large.

    You could wear this camisole as a pajama top. ??

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