Box Pouch

snap frame box 1 snap frame box 2 snap frame box 3

a snap frame used on its side for a box-style pouch.  i saw this in a few different books and finally decided to try it out.  it was a little fiddly to get the box portion in at the corners and near the hinge, but it’s not bad for a first try.  this one, is for me.

while it’s a cute form, i have mixed feelings about it.  to better keep the structure, i attached interfacing to both exterior and interior fabrics, but it’s still… fabric.  unless i put in a firmer layer of something to line the bottom, anything heavier than say, a few skeins of embroidery floss will cause the bottom to bulge and the items inside to slide to the center when lifted.  unless the contents are going to be very lightweight or all one kind of thing– i.e. things that can be mixed up, like pens & pencils– i think an adjustable divider of some sort would be effective in keeping things in place and helping to maintain the shape.

if it was used as an organizer that would just sit on a desk or shelf, i think it would be fine as it is.  but then, what would the purpose of it being a pouch?




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2 thoughts on “Box Pouch

  1. Karen, Mount Vernon on said:

    I like the box pouch! I can see it used if you attend classes or groups when you take your sewing along. I’m sure it would be quite a conversation piece. You did such a great job, as usual. Thanks for the nice pictures. You are an inspiration 😊 An afterthought, how do you keep the pouch from falling over with the lid open?

  2. Hi

    Really lovely form, even if you feel it needs to be tweaked.


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