Up, Up and Away

hot air balloons

in the summertime, oldies is my music of choice.  i’ve been this way since
1956… or rather, 1996.  about the time i got my driver’s license.  and my very own car.

whenever i listen to those favorite classic tunes, they bring back memories of those good ol’ days when, with windows rolled down and radio turned up, a friend and i would sing along to oldies as we took one road trip after another.  open road, minimal responsibility… the best of times.

“up, up and away” by the 5th dimension is one of those memorable tunes.  listening to it recently, it brought back recollections of those hot air balloon festivals held annually in my home state, ohio.  it was always exciting and mesmerizing, seeing the sky full of the bright, colorful balloons, and something of a challenge, to pick out my one favorite.

inspired by that old memory, i designed and stitched a couple of hot air balloons and turned them into these mini snap frame cases.  they’re already going up and away to new homes tomorrow.



The 5th Dimensionの 『Up, Up and Away』 もその一つ。私が住んでいたオハイオ州では毎年熱気球祭りが開催されていて、空いっぱいのカラフルな熱気球にわくわくしていたことを最近思い出していました。

歌を聴きながらデザイン・刺繍した豆ガマ二つ。まもなくup and awayと巣立って行きます。

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2 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. Enid on said:

    Very cute! Here in Napa we have air balloons every morning.

  2. Karen in Mount Vernon WA on said:

    All of your little purses are a joy to look at. Thanks for the inspiration.

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