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the rainy season officially started in the kanto region this week, but one would have been hard pressed to believe that today. when i peered out from the balcony this morning, the mountains in the distance stood dark and clear, and as hard as i tried (which… wasn’t very hard), i couldn’t resist the call. as soon as i got the laundry out on the line, i hopped on my motocycle and headed to tokigawa.

in less than an hour, i was at the top of mt. dodaira, now one of my favorite local spots.  after admiring the grand view, i headed back down again and decided to stop at a café that i had been wanting to try each time i passed this way.  it’s a combination zakka/used book shop and coffee shop, but is unique in the fact that the café space is located outside by the river across the street.  with the gentle sound of the water in the background, i had a lovely, tranquil time sipping on the delicious cold brew coffee and reading several picture books recommended by the shop owner.

this shop is going to be a favorite…!





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  1. Peter on said:

    What a lovely way to spend the day. Thank you for sharing this and all your previous posts. I really enjoy reading them and viewing all the beautiful photos.

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