Into The Woods

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spring proper is here now– and that, to me, signals the beginning of prime touring season.

on this day, i rode out to naguri-ko in hanno, a lake created by the arima dam.  the surrounding mountains were a sight to behold– the young, yellow-green leaves filled the spaces between the dark evergreen trees creating a dramatic contrast, and the late sakura blossoms peeking here and there added pretty accents.  the winding road that ran beside the lake was fun to drive along and offered great views; after a couple laps, i took a break for a hot udon lunch at the lakeside cafe.

on the return trip, i took a route through a mountain pass.  feeling the coolness of a forest filling with green day by day, that otherworldly calm, the solitude– it’s what i like about riding a motorcycle.  the experience is always refreshing and helps me reset and recharge.

as soon as i got back, my mind was already contemplating the next trip.  all the adventures i’ll have, the discoveries i’ll make this year…!  just thinking about it is excitement in itself.




バイクってやっぱりいいな !

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