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they’ve been around for a couple of decades, and i never knew it.

as anyone with a sewing machine probably understands, storing those ever increasing bobbins can be a big headache.  i’ve seen various storage solutions from bobbin cases to spool + bobbin racks to little bobbin holding towers, but none of them appealed to me, so i just kept them in a little box.  needless to say, not an ideal method as after a while, the thread ends inevitably begin to tangle together.  then last week, i stumbled upon these ‘bobbin catchers.’

simple in design but clever, one end of the bobbin catcher snaps into the top of the spool and the other end into the bobbin.  the end of the bobbin thread can be placed in the slits of the peg and wound once before attaching to prevent unwinding.  it keeps the colors securely together– no more squinting under a lamp to see if i’ve got the right color bobbin and thread!

they seem to be called ‘bobbin mates’ abroad, but here in japan, you can find them in a pack of six at big craft stores that sell sewing machine goods.  if you want more than several, you can get a better deal by ordering directly from the manufacturer– which is what i did– here.






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  1. Sharon on said:

    I brought a quilting magazine today with a free item. I just seen your blog regarding the pairs. The free item is bobbin clips. How good is that.

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