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though on a break from shop crafting, my hands didn’t remain idle.  in fact, relaxing time often means making of a different sort, exploring something new, something for me.  this time, i decided to try that which had piqued my interest lately– miniature bookmaking.  but what started as casual fun quickly turned into serious study… i was hooked.

from the sharp, clean lines made by a cutter knife– to the stack of pages with edges and corners exactly aligned– to the taut line of thread binding everything together– each process done carefully,  precisely,  and slowly.

it all added up to a craft well matched to my personality, my aesthetic taste.

for this first foray into miniature bookmaking, i worked from miyako akai’s instruction booklet/kit (ISBN : 9784309272061).  the pages for making 17 projects are included, so all you need to gather are some basic tools, glue and thread to get started.  it was a great introduction to bookmaking on a small scale with a variety of methods and techniques.  all the designs are really sweet, and i couldn’t help but at marvel at all the fine construction details.  i’ll be sharing a few closeups in subsequent posts.

it was nice to step away from my usual craft to experience that of another.








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