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advance copies of my books have arrived!  the hardcover version is by kodansha usa and the paperback version, by search press uk.  just a couple more weeks until it’s out… i’m excited and nervous at the same time.

本のサンプルが届きました!ハードカバーはアメリカのKodanshaから、ペーパーバックはイギリスのSeach Pressから出版されます。発売日まであと少し...ワクワクとドキドキでいっぱいです。

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2 thoughts on “In Print

  1. I’ve just ordered my copy (in the UK). I can’t wait to see it. Your work is inspiring and beautiful.

  2. Congratulation! That’s so incredible cool that you have your own book in print! Looking forward to see it in the book store soon! :)

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