Frame + Clamp

frame & clamp

my alternative to a hoop + stand.  because i just can’t get the fabric to remain taut in a hoop for very long, even with the hoops wrapped.

i stumbled upon these interchangeable length bars for custom size frames and decided to give them a try.  the bars are light and narrow, so they don’t get in the way of my hands when stitching.  this wood also takes tacks well, so it’s easy to pin the fabric in place.  and the use of a c-clamp frees up both of my hands for embroidering efficiently.

i find it convenient too, that when taken apart, the frame bars and clamp store compactly; it’s perfect for taking along with me when stitching away from home.  i think these frames may just become my new favorite tool.




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One thought on “Frame + Clamp

  1. Hoops are useless. I’m a huge fan of floor standing screw frames myself

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