From Beans

runner bean dyeing 1 runner bean dyeing 2

black beans can be used for dyeing, so why not runner beans?

when i was cooking up a batch of runner beans last month, i noticed that the water in the pot was getting a lot of color and decided to try dyeing with it.  i combined the water from three simmers together and added three skeins of cotton embroidery floss that had been treated with a soybean pre-mordant.  i dyed with heat and afterwards, treated the floss with an alum mordant.

the result looks much like what i achieved with chestnuts, but when they are placed side by side, there is a discernable difference.  the color from runner beans is brighter and clearer and has less beige than that from chestnuts.  perhaps the best way to describe the variation?  women’s foundation.




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  1. Such a sweet colour and interesting experiment.

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