Color of Chestnuts

chestnut dyed 1 chestnut dyed 2 chestnut dyed 3

when i was boiling chestnuts a couple of weeks ago, i noticed that the water was turning very brown and remembered that chestnuts can be used for dyeing.  my crafting focus once used to be on natural dyeing, and with the leftover threads i had already prepped, i decided to dye a small sample.

with color extracted from two batches of about 12 chestnuts combined, i dyed three skeins of cotton embroidery floss that i had pretreated with a soybean pre-mordant.  but no mordant this time– i decided it wasn’t absolutely necessary because the towel i had used to wrap the chestnuts to keep them warm got color transferred to it and even after i washed it with a mix of laundry detergent and oxygen bleach and dried it in full sun, the color remained.  while the strength of the color may have been the result of direct contact, it still seems to be a pretty fast dye.

the result was a pinkish peach, something close to a flesh tone.  had i chosen to use an alum mordant, it may have been a darker shade.

speaking of natural dyeing: i’ve been featured on nature collect!  do stop by and take a peek.


12個ぐらいのくりからでた煮汁二回分を合わせて、豆汁で先媒染した糸3カセを染めました。 今回は無媒染で。それは食べていたときにくりを包んでおいたタオルに色が移ったこと、そして洗濯洗剤と酸素系漂白剤で洗って日干ししても落ちなかったことから無くても大丈夫だと思ったからです。


と、久しぶりに草木染をしていたらNature Collectに載せて頂くことになりました。記事はこちらです。ぜひ見て下さい。

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