For Luck

吉見観音 手水舎 三重の塔 IMG_0569 どびんや 厄除け団子

tempted by the unseasonably warm and lovely weather, i took time out from shop crafting to enjoy autumn and visit a local temple.  it’s already been a year since i was here last— a stop along the wishing trail, known for making wishes come true.  at this time of the year, the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the temple grounds provided the perfect foil for the fiery red japanese maples, truly a striking sight to behold.

but what i was really after today was the yakuyokedango, or dango to ward off bad luck.  after paying respect at the temple, i treated myself to one of these.  sitting and snacking under the clear autumn sky, one could almost believe that the sense of peace one felt was the effect of these tasty treats.



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